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About project launch stage πŸš€
About project launch stage πŸš€

Get understanding about project launch stage

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You are in the last primary stage of getting more productive!

You have come crossing many stages, and the project launch is the last and most exciting part of Yess.

Freelancers & Agencies - Are you switching between tools for managing your project? Yess has got it covered under the single dashboard. Manage project deliverables and timelines, share deliverables, gather feedback, and do much more!

Clients - Tired of downloading deliverable versions and taking follow-ups about updates? Yess has a fantastic project management dashboard that helps you preview the deliverable, and whenever there is an update, you will receive automatic notifications!

For both, Yess has got a fantastic project management dashboard with facilities like -

  • Kanban board & roadmap view

  • Check deliverable versions

  • Manage contracts & payments - Invoices

  • Check insights & manage cashflow

  • Add multiple file formats

  • Version comparison in-built

  • Add assignees or reviewers

  • Built-in screen or cam recorder

  • Provide or gather feedback

  • Set due date and milestone

  • Download deliverables

  • See audit trail

  • Auomatic notification

This stage adopts the contract stage. So whatever deliverables you have decided will automatically appear here.

Yess has a built-in payment management system as well. But let's not talk more and see the Yess in action! 😎

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