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What is Yess? πŸ‘‹

Understand what Yess is and How it can help you streamline your workflow! πŸš€

Getting started on Yess πŸš€

Everything you need to know to start using Yess for your projects today πŸƒ

Kickstart Your First Project 🎬

Take your first step towards starting your first project on Yess! πŸŽ‰

Basics Of Automated Workflow 🌟

Yess has an automated workflow. Get to know about small steps and basics about the workfow

Inquiry Stage 🧐

Get to know everything about inquiry stage

Kickoff Meeting Stage πŸ“†

Learn how to start the meeting, collaborate on meeting notes, & finalize the payment

Contract Stage πŸ“

Understand everything about how to prepare proposals, send contracts, sign, and approve contracts

Project Launch Stage 🌟

Understand about launching, managing, and sharing your project and deliverables

Contract & Payment

Explore the features like creating contract, invoices, and much more! πŸ’°

Cash Flow Projection

Understand about financial insights on a particular project πŸ’°

Management Platform

Learn more about talent & client management on Yess! ✨

Pricing Plan

Know more about Yess pricing plan! πŸ’³

Yess Widget 🐚

Get the most out of Yess widget!