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What is the roadmap view? and How to access it? πŸ—Ί
What is the roadmap view? and How to access it? πŸ—Ί

Learn everything about roadmap view on project launch stage and understand from where you can access roadmap view

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The roadmap view defines the timeline you need to spend on a particular task. Taking Yess into account, you can set a deliverable time period and according to that, the roadmap view gets updated.

This is what the roadmap view looks like -

How to access the roadmap view? πŸ’»

To access the roadmap view, you should be in the project launch stage. Under dashboard tab β†’ Click the small arrow to select the roadmap view.

You can always switch between kanban board and roadmap view

Features of roadmap view πŸ—Ί

  1. Manage your timeline with ease

  2. Drag the bar to set a work period

  3. See the delivery status and due dates

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