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Kickoff Meeting Stage πŸ“†
About kickoff meeting stage πŸ“†
About kickoff meeting stage πŸ“†

Learn about the kickoff meeting stage and how to proceed further

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Yess is the #1 productivity suite where freelancers and clients collaborate to give their dreams a real flow. Talking about that flow, we have πŸ‘‡

  • Kickoff Meeting Stage πŸ‘ˆ we are here

  • Contract Stage

  • Project Launch Stage

Only available for Freelancer, Agency, & Freelancer

Kickoff Meeting Stage πŸ“…

This stage comes after the inquiry stage where freelancers and clients can collaborate to discuss the project goals and deliverables.

For freelancers - During the meeting, you can write down the deliverables and discuss the payment terms. The best part - the client can see what you are writing and can collaborate with you.

For clients - During the meeting, you can see the notes written by freelancers and you can jump in to collaborate! You can also invite your partner as an attendee.

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