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Inquiry Stage 🧐
About inquiry stage 🧐
About inquiry stage 🧐

Learn about what is there in the inquiry stage and how to proceed

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Yess is divided into stages & these are the natural processes that we follow while having a project.

  • Inquiry stage πŸ‘ˆ we are here

  • Kickoff Meeting Stage

  • Contract Stage

  • Project Launch Stage

Inquiry Stage πŸ”Ž

The inquiry stage is simply a lead gathering stage.

For freelancers - At this stage, you can initiate a project with the provided brief. You can gather client details and also can schedule a time for the meeting.

For clients - At this stage, you can share information about the project and can schedule a meeting with the freelancer.

We recommend reading a few more articles to grasp more understanding πŸ‘‡

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