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Contract Stage πŸ“
About Contract Stage πŸ“„
About Contract Stage πŸ“„

Learn everything basics about the contract stage

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Following the workflow is easy with Yess. Talking about that flow, we have πŸ‘‡

Writing a contract is the most crucial stage of your project. πŸ“

Freelancers / Agencies - If your proposal is great-looking and smart, then the client will definitely love it. Also, it should be hassle-free for them to read and sign.

Clients - Seeing a proposal shouldn't be boring and requesting revision via email threads is tired-some.

For both, Yess has got an amazing built-in solution. Proposal or contract page which replaces -

  • Boring paperwork for freelancers

  • Long email threads requesting revisions

  • E-signature tools

  • Contract version PDFs

Yess has a simple contract page that automatically grabs the content from your meeting notes and frame a beautiful proposal. Not only that, it creates a basic terms section in which freelancer and client can sign the contract using the built-in signature option.

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