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What is Yess? πŸ‘‹
What is Yess solving? 🧩
What is Yess solving? 🧩

Read along to know what we are up to and why Yess exists!

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We started Yess because there had been critical problems for freelancers or agencies that deserve to be solved.

  1. The freelance/agency business workflow is so complicated that we need to use a bunch of different tools.

  2. The collaboration between freelancers/agencies and clients is not aligned, full of friction.

  3. The new way of work or organization is flexible but the legacy tools are outdated to support this trend.

Here are the solutions of Yess to each problem.

  1. Yess streamlines the freelance or agency workflow processes.

  2. Yess simplifies the collaboration between clients and freelancers or agencies.

  3. Yess supports the flexible work and teams for the new-gen solopreneurs!

Yess streamlines the workflow by automation

Yes is a unified workflow-as-a-service targeting to simplify the work of freelancers, agencies, solopreneurs, and even clients. πŸ’ͺ

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» For freelancers, agencies, or solopreneurs - Yess is solving...

  1. Inquiry or requirement gathering processes

  2. Meeting scheduling mess

  3. Complex proposal or contract making process

  4. Project & feedback management hassle

  5. Invoicing & billing cycle complexities

  6. The problem of jumping to various tools for various purposes

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό For clients or customers - Yess is solving...

  1. Resource or information sharing mess

  2. Kickoff meeting note-taking process

  3. Contracts revision & e-signing hassle

  4. Project management & deliverable sharing

  5. The way of visualizing deliverable versions

  6. Hassle around different apps for small purposes

... I still can make points but let's get to the point and... πŸ‘‡

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