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What is Yess? πŸ‘‹
How can Yess benefit you? (Freelancer) πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
How can Yess benefit you? (Freelancer) πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Wondering what Yess can bring to the table for freelancers or solopreneurs? Give this article a read!

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TL;DR - It is an operating system & workflow management expert for freelancers. Built-in features like custom forms, meeting scheduling, proposal & contracts, e-signature, Invoicing, project management, and a lot of such! Clients have the luxury to view, provide feedback, and approve the deliverables.
Did I mention that it allows collaboration for both freelancer & the client? 😁

Enough of that ... πŸ˜… Let me give brief scenarios where Yess can help!

Freelancer Benefits

  1. Are you still asking for project requirements or making inquiries via emails? - Forget those long threads and see the beauty of Yess! (Get rid of those long email threads!)

  2. Chaotic meeting schedules because of different time zones? - You need not worry; Yess takes care of that! (No need for any other calendar or scheduling apps)

  3. Worried about meeting discussions? - Yess has a built-in collaborative meeting note-taking feature. (No other tools required - Everything under one platform!)

  4. Meeting done? Your contract is ready!! - Yess automatically converts your meeting notes to a professional contract. (No legal associate required, No e-signature tool required!)

  5. Contract Approved? Your project has been launched! - Yess has a super comfy project management dashboard. Kanban boards, Roadmaps, & deliverable pages! (Get rid of your project management tools! - Say yes to Yess)

  6. Worried about invoicing? Leave it on Yess - Features like advanced invoice scheduling, invoice based on various factors, and billing cycles - All covered! (Forget your old invoicing software too!)

  7. Tired of notifying your clients? - Yess sends automatic notifications for almost every worth-knowing stage. (Give your messenger a break!)

  8. Have got your team members to collaborate on a project? - Bring them on Yess and work together!

It's time to boost your productivity and unleash your potential! πŸ”₯

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