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What is Yess? πŸ‘‹
How can Yess benefit you? (Clients) πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό
How can Yess benefit you? (Clients) πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό

Wondering what Yess can bring on the table for clients or customers? Give this article a read!

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TL;DR - You (client) have the luxury to view, provide feedback, and approve the deliverables. Get rid of your messy messenger to get notified about every new version of a deliverable. Find & manage your stuff on the go with Yess!
Want to collaborate with your freelancer? Yess has it all!

Let me help you dive deep into what features Yess brings for you! 🀿

Benefits for Clients πŸ‘¬

There are two things that the clients love about Yess.

  1. Transparent and expectable workflow: Clients want to know what we will do next, when, and how. Every process and activity is open and notified to you.

  2. No need to learn things: You want to do what you should do, not to learn new tools. This is just how Yess works.

Here are detailed use cases you will experience.

  1. Tired of sending inquiries or requirement-gathering answers via email? - Yess has a pretty smooth way of handling that! (Say bye to those long email threads!)

  2. Is your freelancer in a different timezone? - Say hi to our hassle-free meeting scheduling way. It's just a click away. (Leave various scheduling tools, Yess has everything!)

  3. Do you want to collaborate with freelancers on writing meeting notes or finalizing deliverables? - Yess has a collaborative meeting note-taking environment! (You won't miss your note-taking tool!)

  4. Sit back & relax! As soon as the freelancer sends the contract, you will get notified. The amazing part is - You can sign it and even request revisions! (No need to search for an e-signature tool!)

  5. Yess has a fantastic project management dashboard - Easily manage deliverables, check out the versions, give feedback, change the status of deliverables, and much more! (No need to leave Yess; everything is under the same dashboard! Probably, forget your old management tools.)

  6. Yess's smart invoicing will manage your invoices and will send reminders. (get rid of your old PDF exchanging method!)

  7. Tired of following up with freelancers? Yess has a better way to do that - Notifications - Recieve notification for every change happening to your project! (Give your messenger app a little rest!)

  8. Bring your partners to Yess - Collaborate on a project and share feedback together.

Let's bring power & smoothness to your projects 🀝

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