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Hey! πŸ‘‹ , I am glad to see you here and so do our whole Yess family! ❀️

Let me share something about Yess! πŸ˜‡

What is Yess? πŸ€”

Yess is a business management solution for both freelancers and clients. There are a lot of obstacles to proceeding with a project frictionlessly, and the real problem is that most of them are work for work.

Yess minimize the work hassle & supernaturally streamline the existing workflow through automation, giving your productivity a boost! πŸš€

Yess in Nutshell 🌰

Freelancers - Yess is your intelligent assistant!

  1. Do requirement gathering or inquiry

  2. Schedule meetings with clients effortlessly

  3. Collaborate with client to write meeting notes

  4. Turn your meeting notes to the proposal & contract

  5. Sign & get your contract signed by the client

  6. Contract signed? - Yess will now take care of your invoices too!

  7. Launch & manage your projects like a PRO!

Clients - Yess is your operator or manager!

  1. Quick inquiry form to kickstart the project

  2. Schedule meetings & collaborate with the freelancer

  3. Agree on terms & get your proposal

  4. Didn't like the proposal? - Request for changes!

  5. Sign off the contracts & get going

  6. Provide feedback to deliverables & approve them

  7. You get to see & pay your invoice directly from Yess!

... Much more to say. But let Yess say it all by itself. 😎

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