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How to create a project? πŸ›«

Learn the ways to create & execute your project

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Yess is not a new tool; it is just an assistant assisting the project with a proper workflow. πŸͺœ

Now, there are a few ways to initiate a project -

  1. For freelancers

    • Create a project directly from the dashboard

      • Go to Project β†’ Create Project

      • Fill out the details to initiate the project

    • Share an inquiry form with clients.

      • Go to the Inquiry form β†’ Click Share.

      • You can share the form via a link, by embedding it on the site, or by entering the email ID of the client & a custom message.

  2. For clients

    • Invite your freelancer to use Yess & ask him to start

      Do you want to use Yess to proceed with your project smoothly and collaborate with a freelancer?

      Ask your freelancer to start your project. Share our help center to proceed smoothly.

    • Fill out the shared inquiry form & get access to Yess

      You might have received an inquiry form β†’ fill that form to obtain access to Yess and collaborate with your freelancer effortlessly.

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