What clients can see? πŸ‘€

Read this article if you are curious about what your clients will see when you invite them to Yess

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Yess is a collaborative space for freelancers & clients to work on a project without any hassle.

Freelancer: Collaboration? Then what client will see? what client can access? & why?

Yess: Curious, huh? don't worry, give this article a read. πŸ‘‡

Client Dashboard β†’

Please note this is a launched project's dashboard.

Client's Accessibility β†’

The client can see what data was passed through the inquiry form. Like this πŸ‘‡

The client can see kickoff meeting notes & even can collaborate with freelancers during the meeting.

The client cannot see the contract until you sign & send it to them.

When the contract is sent, they can see everything but can't edit it. As soon as they sign it, they can see the project launched dashboard.

They can also invite their partners & can see invoices shared by freelancers under the payment tab.

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