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Getting started on Yess πŸš€
How to get started with Yess? (Client) 🎬
How to get started with Yess? (Client) 🎬

Learn about how quickly you can kickstart your project as a client or customer with your freelancer or agency!

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Yess is the all-in-one productivity suite that removes all procedural obstacles by giving a collaborative space to work with freelancers, sign or revise contracts, manage or pay invoices, provide feedback on deliverables, compare deliverable versions, and much more! 🌟 Enough of just words, let's see Yess in action!

Are you a freelancer? Then, see this article!

...or follow along! πŸ‘‡

How to access Yess as a Client? πŸ”

Yess will only be accessible if your freelancer has invited you to the project or you may access if you have filled a Yess inquiry form sent by freelancer.

Got an invite from your freelancer?

  • Your invite will look like the below image If the freelancer invites you to the project directly.

  • Your invite will look like the below image If the freelancer invites you to the meeting directly.

Note - Your invite may vary on how and at what stage you receive the invite from the freelancer. πŸ’Œ

Signing in πŸ”‘

Oh! So you are signing in? - We are glad to know that. Follow the steps and we are sure, you won't face any hurdles.

  • Visit the sign-in page & Enter your email address! or hit Sign in with Google

  • Entered your email address? β†’ You will receive a magic link for direct login!

  • Signed in with Google? β†’ You will magically jump right into Yess!

Choose your project!

As you have signed in successfully, you will see the below screen where you can see the projects you have joined or you might have got an invite from the freelancer.

Came to this screen? - You have made it to your final step! Click on Let's go πŸŽ‰

Now, you can do your magic by collaborating with your freelancer! 😎

β†’ Did I mention that when using Yess, you can forget about many of your old tools!

Your productivity is going to feel a little boost with Yess! πŸš€

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