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What are the features of inquiry form? (Freelancer & Agency) ✨
What are the features of inquiry form? (Freelancer & Agency) ✨

Learn more about the features of inquiry form at once glance

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Gathering inquiry was never been so easy -- Yess has a robust inquiry form which you can customize and share with your leads in various ways.

Let's understand each feature briefly!

  1. Connect your calendar - Connect your calendar with Yess inquiry form so that your clients can easily book time!

  2. Customize the form branding - Make your client feel more familiar by adding your name and logo on the inquiry form!

  3. Add custom questions - Don't limit yourself with default questions. Ask whatever you wish to ask!

  4. Add video or image to a question - Make it feel like you're talking to your clients. Record yourself or add an image to question!

  5. Preview your form - Have a look at your form with client's perspective. Looks fine? Publish it and share it!

  6. Share inquiry form - Share your form with your client and gain inquiries by embedding on your own website!

We're not done yet! We're adding more and more features! Stay tuned! 😎

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