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How to set availability for meetings? (Freelancer & Agency) πŸ“†
How to set availability for meetings? (Freelancer & Agency) πŸ“†

Know more about how to set your availability for meetings with your client.

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This article is for freelancers & agency to help them set up availability!

Productivity is directly affected by how you manage your time! ⏳

Setup You Availability πŸ“†

Meetings with clients can be scheduled either by using Create Project or by sharing the inquiry form and letting your clients book the meeting!

To set your availability, click on Availability , present on the left side of the dashboard.

You can also find or set the availability by clicking on the gear icon βš™ present at the top of the inquiry form

Steps to follow πŸͺœ

Steps are same - Doesn't matter from where you access or set the meeting availability
  1. Connect your calendar to Yess, by clicking on Connect button or Add Calendar button.

  2. Choose your google account & give us some permissions to help you manage your time.

  3. Choose your calendars & confirm them once!

  4. If done correctly, the connected calendar will be shown like the below image.

  5. Now, let's set the other parameters.

    • Duration - This defines how long you wish the meeting to be conducted.

    • Working hour - This defines the days & time duration you wish to utilize for meetings.

  6. You have one more amazing thing left - Notifications! Set the time before which you wish to get notified about the upcoming meeting.

You are all set to manage your time like a pro with Yess! 😎

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