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Kickoff Meeting Stage πŸ“†
What sections are there on the kickoff meeting page? (Freelancer, Agency, & Client) 𝌞
What sections are there on the kickoff meeting page? (Freelancer, Agency, & Client) 𝌞

Know about what are the features & sections of kickoff meeting page

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Yess has a lot of features just under the kickoff meeting page.

Let's discuss each, one by one! ⛳️

The screenshot below are taken from Freelancer or Agency dashboard but note that kickoff meeting page appears same for all kind of users

Kickoff Meeting Page πŸ“œ

Let's break the page into sections and understand each.

  1. Header

    Features -

    • Shows the project title [Top left corner]

    • Let you invite your team member or partner [Beside project title] + [Right Corner]

    • Shows who is viewing the page currently [Beside finish meeting button]

    • Shows a finish meeting button [Top right corner of meeting notes]

    Unique Thing -

    • Hover over the viewers to see who they are -

  2. Meeting Information

    Features -

    • Shows you the date of the meeting [Date]

    • Shows who are attendees from the freelancer's side [Partner attendee]

    • Shows who is attendee from the client's side [Client attendee]

    Unique Thing -

    • Click on Add attendee to invite someone -

  3. Project Overview

    Features -

    • Write the project introduction or make bullet points

    Unique Thing -

    • It supports markdown editing or just hit /

  4. Deliverables Table

    Features -

    • Pre-built table with 3-columns

    • Can delete the row

    • Can insert new row

  5. Project Break Down

    Features -

    • Pre-built table with 3-columns

    • Set the deliverable period

    • Set the description (Markdown supported)

  6. Payment Settings

    Features -

    • Decide payment type (per hour, per day, per week, per month, etc.)

    • Mention if you require a deposit (set a custom or percentage deposit)

    • Billing schedule (recurring invoice or once)

Main Feature - All users (freelancer & client) can edit this page at the same time

Said a lot about the kickoff page feature but try it yourself or give the below articles a look!

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