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How can I manage or add more details to the deliverables? πŸ“¦
How can I manage or add more details to the deliverables? πŸ“¦

Know more about managing your deliverables or adding more details to it

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Deliverable is something that a freelancer is paid to provide. Learn more about deliverables here.

Let's talk about what you can do with deliverables under the project launch stage -

  1. Add deliverable name

  2. Upload deliverable files or multiple files as versions

  3. Change deliverable status (to do, in progress, completed)

  4. Set the assignee (a freelancer who is working on the project)

  5. Set the reviewer (a client who reviews the work)

  6. Select milestone (deliverable belong to which milestone)

  7. Select the due date

  8. Provide version description by typing or by recording a video

  9. Type @ to tag the partner or client under the description

  10. Provide feedback or reply to the feedback

  11. Check the uploaded file information

All the above features are accessible to both freelancer and client

See the deliverable page in action πŸ“¦

The above video has a freelancer's or agency's dashboard view. For clients, it is same as the freelancer's dashboard

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