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How to add a description or video description of the deliverable? πŸŽ₯
How to add a description or video description of the deliverable? πŸŽ₯

Learn how to add video description to the deliverable on project launch page

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It is essential to make the client understand how you made the deliverable or what is the logic behind the deliverable. Or for freelancers, it should be easy to understand what the client wants to say about the existing version shared by them.

Create a screen recording with a voice-over! ❌

What are you thinking? Yes! Yess has thought about this and has provided an option to share video in three modes - the camera only, the screen, screen and camera both!

Lights, Camera, and Action! 🎬

Add Video Description πŸ“½

It is simple to create a video description for the deliverable. Yess has an in-built feature to do so!

  • Click on the deliverable card to open it. See the description field on the right sidebar. Click on πŸ“Ή Record the button or add a text and hit the small video cam icon to record the video.

  • There will be a pop-up with a few options -

    • Screen + Cam -- It will record your face and camera simultaneously.

    • Screen Only -- It will record only your screen

    • Cam Only -- It will record your camera only

  • Select the preferred option, and if you selected Screen + Cam or Screen Only then next, you will see these options -

    • Entire Screen -- It will record the whole screen.

    • Window -- It will record a specific window or application.

    • Chrome Tab -- It will record a particular tab you choose.

  • That's it! - Hit Start Recording If you select the camera option, there are certain options there too.

    • Save recording option

    • Recording Time

    • Pause option

    • Re-record or restart recording option

    • Delete recording option

  • After you complete the recording, it will automatically get placed under Version Description and then click Save

Please note that RECORDING TIME is limited to 2:00 minutes only

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