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What is the payment section? (Freelancer, Agency, & Client) πŸ’°
What is the payment section? (Freelancer, Agency, & Client) πŸ’°

Learn what is payment type and what things are there inside it

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Project discussions include a lot of things like what is the project all about, what things are required, what will be the period for each deliverable, and the last thing - Payment! πŸ€‘

When we say that Yess includes everything, we really mean it!

Let's go and see.

Payment Type πŸ’°

Under the kickoff meeting page, you will find a section Payment and below that, there is an option to decide the payment type.

What is the payment type? - It means how you want to pay the freelancer - Flat fee, per hour, per day, per week, per month, or per item.

What's included under that? - You can ask for a deposit if you require it. Also, mention whether you want a custom rate or want it based on percentage.

Billing Schedule ⏱

The billing schedule decides how often you want the invoice to be generated - Once, weekly, monthly, or on a milestone.

This was all about the payment section. Learn more about other sections or see what's coming ahead.

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