Getting Started! 🎬

Know about how you can get started with Yess either being a freelancer, agency, solopreneur or client!

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If you are reading this article, then we are... πŸ‘‡

Thank you for landing here and deciding to take a step forward into the Yess family!

For Freelancers or Agency πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

It's easy to get started β†’

  1. Give us a context & let us help you launch your workspace

  2. Send your inquiry form to your client or invite them directly to Yess

  3. Collaborate on kickoff meeting notes & share proposal

  4. Sign your contract & get your contract signed

  5. Launch your project!

No! No! No! - Don't just leave the platform. Yess has everything built-in, even the project management & deliverable sharing platform.

For Clients or Customers πŸ‘¬

Got an invite from a freelancer? β†’

  1. Sign in to your #1 productivity suite

  2. Choose your project to go into that dashboard

  3. Collaborate with the freelancer on kickoff meeting notes

  4. Get a proposal, request revision, & sign the contract

  5. Launch your project!

We know what you are thinking about! - You also have built-in project management, feedback sharing, deliverable version comparison, and much more to your dashboard.

We are done here talking! Let's go and adopt Yess! πŸš€

Wondering what is there under getting started? We have written a bunch of articles to make sure every step remains smooth!

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