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How to check that Yess Widget is working
How to check that Yess Widget is working
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Yess Widget has a built-in verification system that will check if your Yess Widget code is installed and working correctly. In this article, you'll find the steps for verifying your Yess Widget code installation.

These steps can be different depending on your Site's current Yess Widget code status which you can check from your Yess Widget.

Why am I seeing "Tracking code not found"?

There are 2 common reasons why the verification is not working properly:

The Yess widget code hasn't yet been added to your website or is being blocked by a browser extension

Double-check that the Yess widget code has indeed been added to your site. To help install the Yess widget code, follow our installation guide.

Ensure any browser extensions that block network requests (e.g. ad blockers) are turned off during the verification process.

The Yess widget code was added incorrectly

To find out if the Yess widget code was added to your site properly, follow the steps.

  1. Open your browser’s Developer Tools and click on the Network tab.

  2. Type tokens in the Filter search field to only show Yess Widget’s requests.

  3. Visit your website, then refresh the page and wait for it to finish loading.

    • If you're not seeing any requests in the developer tools, the Yess widget code has not been added properly.

    • Try adding the Yess widget code once again. We also suggest avoiding pasting the code in word processors and other text editing programs before pasting the tracking code on your site as these programs tend to automatically alter the content of the code for styling.

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