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Not sure if you have installed Yess Widget correctly or have questions about the Yess Widget? We've collected the most frequently asked questions here.

Will Yess Widget slow down my site?

How does Yess Widget's script affect page load?

We take all the necessary steps to ensure the fast deliverability of our service on your sites with as little impact as possible. Here's how:

  • The script is loaded asynchronously.

    The Yess Widget script does not stop your site from loading its assets because the script is loaded asynchronously.

  • We use a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to serve the Hotjar script.

    A system of strategically positioned servers around the globe serves the Yess Widget script rather than from a single location. Using a CDN allows the Yess Widget script to be loaded faster by your users while offering much better availability. We currently average 130 - 200ms globally.

  • The script makes proper use of browser caching.

    Although the script loads asynchronously, it is still important to load and run the script as fast as possible when tracking users. We do this by making the best use of the browser cache and loading two separate files which are reloaded by browsers at different intervals or when changed.

Could Yess Widget affect my site's performance?

Since every piece of JavaScript code added can affect your site somehow, we cannot guarantee that your site will not be affected in any way. However, the Yess Widget script is designed to have minimal impact on your site performance.

This is primarily because Yess Widget's usage only works in modern browsers, which execute JavaScript efficiently.

What is Yess branding and how to remove it?

Yess branding is at the bottom of the Yess widget. It appears in Free and Basic plans.

The text "Powered by Yess" contains a link that opens the Yess homepage in a new browser's window.

To remove this, upgrade your subscription to Pro or Growth plan and you can remove Yess branding from Yess widget brand setting


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