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What is the Yess widget and code snippet?
What is the Yess widget and code snippet?

Basic information about Yess Widget

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What is Yess Widget?

Yess Widget is your landing page's new best friend! It is seamlessly integrated with your website and will give your clients a stylish and intuitive interface.

What is a code snippet?

A code snippet is a small portion of text that is part of a larger set of programming code. Snippets are used for applications and web pages. Snippets are designed to be re-useable and add functionality, such as linking different areas of a program together.

Yess Widget can be applied to your landing page with Yess Widget code snippet, and that is all you need to do!

Yess Widget Code Snippet

Just copy and paste code snippet to your HTML head tag, and you can use the full advantage of Yess Widget!

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