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How to end freelancer contract? πŸ”š
How to end freelancer contract? πŸ”š

Learn about how agency can end freelancer contract

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Multiple freelancers working on a single project? -- Check out and learn about how to add freelancer contract.

Wish to end any freelancer contractor? - Let's see how to do it.

Being an agency, you will have the right to end the contract, and the contractor can approve or decline your request.

  1. Go to launched project β†’ select contract & payments tab β†’ Go to Expense tab, and there you can see all the contracts.

  2. Click on End Contract button present on the right-hand side of the card.

  3. State the reason and click on Send end request

  4. Once the request is sent, it will look like the below image.

  5. Once the contract is ended, the card will have Ended tag.

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