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What features are available on PRO plan? πŸ‘‘
What features are available on PRO plan? πŸ‘‘

Learn about PRO features and see how they can be helpful

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Upgrading to PRO plan of Yess is worth a deal! For agencies and small freelancer teams, there are certain benefits which can be leveraged out of the PRO plan! πŸ‘‘

Let's see which features are available under a PRO plan!

  1. Sub-contracts for freelancer - Create multiple freelancer contractors and get a two way contract under a single project.

  2. Financial Insights - Get a bird eye view of your cash flow for a particular project.

  3. Expenses & Revenue - Get payment from your clients and pay your partners - All from the same dashboard of Yess!

  4. Talent Pool - Keep your contractors or partners in a single list and made the best out of your data!

  5. Clients - Store all the client's information on Yess and keep amazing relationship with your clients.

Wondering what's more? -- Stay tuned to our updates to know about the upcoming premium features!

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