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What is Yess? πŸ‘‹
How can Yess benefit you? (Agency) 🏒
How can Yess benefit you? (Agency) 🏒

Learn about the benefits an agency will receive by using Yess

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TL;DR - Give your agency a smooth flow by adopting a CRM which automates your most of the tedious tasks like multiple invoicing, financial insights, expense and revenue, contract templates, and much more.

You can also collaborate with your clients and partners to work on the projects more efficiently. πŸ˜‡

Let's see the Yess in action and understand how it can help your agency grow!

Agency Benefits

  1. Being an agency, you might be receiving a lot of inquiries and that too via email? - Leave those old methods and organize inquiry information like a PRO! (Leave email threads and see the beauty of Yess)

  2. Having multiple clients and globalized image of your agency shouldn't restrict you from having meetings across timezone! - No need to switch! Stay on Yess and schedule meetings globally! (Forget about other scheduling apps - Everything on Yess)

  3. Don't switch apps for collaborating on meeting notes! - Built-in collaborative note taking experience which also supports markdown. (Collaborate like you are on the same page - Literally!)

  4. Let's go legal! - I mean, let's have a contract with the client and other project partners! - Yess has built-in contract format which you can customize as per your need. (No need of legal assistants again and again! Frame once and store as a template!)

  5. This is not it! Yess has got you an amazing project management system for you to collaborate with your clients and even with your partners - Kanban board, roadmap view, and much more! (No need to switch between various task or project management apps)

  6. What about invoicing and financial insights? - Don't worry Yess has got you covered. (Analyze your financial data and do the invoicing like a PRO!)

  7. Informing the status of each deliverable is not a practical way! - Go ahead and do your things the Yess way! (Mindful notifications to your customers as well as reminders to you and your partner for smooth experience)


This is just a trailer! Try Yess on your own and share us your use case!

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