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What field types are available to customize? (Freelancer & Agency) ✨
What field types are available to customize? (Freelancer & Agency) ✨

Learn about all the available field types!

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There are a lot of field types available for you to customize! 💙

Let's not waste the time! Click CTRL+F or CMD+F to search field type

  • Single-line text - A simple single line text to fill. For eg. Name, Job, Company, etc.

  • Multi-line text - Field for multiple line text. For eg. Address, Description, etc.

  • Rich text note - Need additional formatting? Rich text note is best. For eg. Notes, References, etc.

    P.S. -- Rich text note supports markdown. So just write / and start writing!

  • Attachment - Use attachment field type if you wish to store any file. For eg. Resume, Project Files, etc.

    P.S. -- Multiple file attachment is possible!

  • Single select - Use this when you wish to keep a few option and add a colored single select. For eg. Country, Profession, etc.

    P.S. -- Just start typing to create new options.

  • Multiple select - Create multiple selection using multiple select field type. For eg. Skills, Certifications, etc.

    P.S. -- Just start typing to create new options.

  • Date - Want to specify a date? We have got you covered. For eg. Birthdate, Anniversary, etc.

  • Period - Specify a date range or period. For eg. Project Period, Availability, etc.

  • Email - Save email safely and keep intact. Click edit to modify.

  • URL - Save URLs easily by just typing the text. For eg. Website, Video, etc.

  • Number - Number field can be used to mention project numbers or just any numerical indicator.

  • Timezone - Indicate the timezone with simplicity!

    P.S. -- No need to type! Just search and hit enter.

  • Checkbox - Mark any record with special indication.

  • Rating - Rate any freelancer or client as per your views.

  • Fee rate - Mention the rate of the freelancer. No need to keep in mind!

  • Phone number - Simple mobile number adding field.

    P.S. -- Simply select country and the country code will appear!

  • URLs and files - You can now save the URLs and files inside the same field.

    P.S. -- You can add multiple URLs and multiple files.

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