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What features can be used for free? πŸ’°
What features can be used for free? πŸ’°

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Yess is developing some of the most needed features for a freelancer or agency to run smoothly and, most importantly, increase productivity! πŸ’™

We want to provide FREE access to important resources and features to all the freelancers out there!

  1. General workflow management

    • Yess will help you with certainly needed automation. From the inquiry stage to the project launch and finish stage, Yess takes care of all the repetitive tasks.

  2. Inquiry form

    • Tired of long email threads? -- Now forget those and use the Yess inquiry form to gather inquiries and manage them like a PRO.

  3. Meeting note

    • Got an inquiry? -- Collaborate on a meeting note and decide the deliverables and payment schedule.

  4. Scheduling meetings

    • Don't go outside of Yess and use it to schedule and manage your meetings.

  5. Proposal & contract

    • Make beautiful and attractive proposals. Sign it and get it signed by your client!

  6. Project management

    • Wait! - You can still use Yess to manage your project deliverables and timeline. Even the payments and invoices can be sent and managed!

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