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How to accept the payments? (Freelancer, Agency & Partners) πŸ’°
How to accept the payments? (Freelancer, Agency & Partners) πŸ’°

Learn about how to accept payments from client or agency

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Accepting payments or tracking those payments is a challenging part! -- Oh Sorry! You're using Yess! πŸ˜‰

There're two ways to accept payments from either your client (if you're an agency or freelancer) or from the agency (if you're an agency partner) -

  1. Stripe

    Stripe is a well-known payment infrastructure that is used by many users around the world. Now, you can integrate it with Yess to accept the payments!
    Benefits -

    • No need to share any details

    • The client or agency can pay directly by clicking a button

    • Track your payments easily - Status changes when payment is made!

    You don't know how to code? -- No worries! We've made the integration process so smooth that anyone can do it easily. For a step-by-step guide, read this.

  2. Bank Transfer

    The most common way is if you wish to get your money directly to your bank. Just follow the simple steps to add your bank account details to the invoice. The client or agency can record the details and make the payment.
    The payment won't be tracked, and hence, you'll need to change the status of the invoice manually.
    Read this article for a better understanding of how to configure the bank transfer.

Accept payments like a PRO -- It's the Yess Way! 😎

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