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How to send the invoice? (Freelancer, Agency & Partner) πŸ“¨
How to send the invoice? (Freelancer, Agency & Partner) πŸ“¨

Learn how to send the invoice to your client or agency

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Traditional method β†’ Download your invoice > Draft a message > Attach the invoice to email > Send it! -- Forgot to attach? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Send it again!

Yess Method β†’ Click a button! 🀩

Steps to send the invoice

The below screenshots are from agency dashboard but the process is same for agency partner
  1. Open the invoice you wish to send

  2. Click on Send button

  3. Customize the subject line and the email body if required β†’ Click on Send

You sent the invoice successfully! 😎

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