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How to see all the contracts at once? (Agency) πŸ—‚
How to see all the contracts at once? (Agency) πŸ—‚

Learn about how to see all contract at once and get an overview

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Being an agency it is sometimes difficult to manage contracts or keep track of them.

Right? - No!! Remember? - You're using Yess so there's no such problem that exists. 😎

Let's learn about viewing all the contracts.

  1. Go to Contract & Payment and click on either the REVENUE or EXPENSE tab (anyone)

  2. Click on See all contracts

  3. You can see two tables

    1. Client Contract

    2. Freelancer Contract (two tabs under this)

      1. Approved

      2. Not Approved

You can create a new freelancer contract by clicking on "Not Approved" tab and click on `+ Add New Contract` button 

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