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What sections are included on the freelancer contract page? (Agency) δ·–
What sections are included on the freelancer contract page? (Agency) δ·–

Learn about the sections present on the freelancer contract page

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Having a feature-rich contract page is a must. So let's see and learn the sections present on the freelancer contract.

Let's see each section one by one! ⛳️

Contract Page πŸ“„

Let's learn each section one by one -

  1. Header

    Features -

    • Can switch between client and freelancer contract

    • Can check or see all the contracts at once

    • Can see all the freelancer contracts at once

    • Can also check the freelancer contract draft or sent version

    Unique Thing -

    • Can create multiple freelancer contracts

    • Can see all the contracts and check the sent date and versions

  2. Action Bar

    Features -

    • Can switch between contract versions

    • Can see the current version or the sent version or requested revision

    • Can send the contract by clicking on Send version

    Unique Thing -

    • Can download the contract in PDF

    • Can view the audit trail

    • Can decline the proposal (Only appears when the proposal is sent)

    • Can delete the proposal

  3. Contract Information

    Features -

    • Can upload icon/logo for the project

    • Can see project name or title

    • Can edit or see the client or partner details (name, email, company, address)

  4. Project Overview

    Features -

    • Can add project overview details

    • This section gets filled automatically if the kickoff meeting is done

    • Started directly from the contract stage? - Fill in the information manually

    Unique Thing -

    • This section support markdown. Just type / to see options.

  5. Deliverables Table

    Features -

    • This section is automatically filled concerning the details from the client's contract

    • To edit the same, you will need to edit the client contract

  6. Deliverable Estimates

    Features -

    • This section is automatically updated based on the deliverable selected or assigned to the freelancer

    Unique Thing -

    • Click on Edit to change the assigned deliverable

  7. Custom Deliverable

    Features -

    • Can add custom deliverables (not shown in client contract)

    Unique Thing -

    • You can add a variety of currencies

  8. Payment Section

    Features -

    • Can add invoices (the total should be equal to the total of the project)

    • Can send the invoice on a specific date

    • Can delete the row if not required

    Unique Thing -

    • Can schedule invoices in different ways (once, hourly, weekly, biweekly, monthly, semi-monthly, etc.)

  9. Contract Section

    Features -

    • The contract terms are pre-built

    • You can edit the email and name of both the client and partner

    Unique Thing -

    • The section supports markdown. Just type / to see options

    • Also supports pre-built parameters to edit the contact

  10. E-signature Section


    • e-signature feature built-in - Type your name or upload your signature

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