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Understanding & Managing Notifications πŸ””
Understanding & Managing Notifications πŸ””

Understand about types of notifications and how you can manage them

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Yess is a powerhouse of features, yet we have planned many more features in the coming period.

One of the fantastic features - Notifications! πŸ””

Why it's fantastic?

For freelancers - You need not give every update to your client manually! Yess handles it through automation!

For clients - Don't worry about taking follow-ups; you will know when any update happens on the project.

Notifications πŸ“¬

You can see all of your notifications from the Notifications option present under the top left corner.

Let me tell you the features.

  • You can mark as read any of your notifications.

  • You can mark as read all of your notifications.

  • You can filter and see only the unread notifications by switching on the unread only button.

Understanding Types Of Notifications πŸ“¨

There are three types -

  • Inbox - Get everything related to your projects like project updates, client comments, inquiry updates, delivery status updates, and much more.

  • General - Recieve notifications related to your workspace updates like notifications about team members joining the workspace.

  • Updates - New product features or updates related to Yess will be shown here.

Did you notice something? - We have kept notifications in different tabs to make you feel focused. 🧘

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