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How to invite team members to a project? (Freelancer & Agency) ✨
How to invite team members to a project? (Freelancer & Agency) ✨
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Working on a project and wishing to have more team members collaborate on a project?

You are on the right page! Let's get started. πŸŽ‰

Inviting Members To Project ✨

You can invite team members at any stage of the project! The process and location of accessing the invite pop-up are similar for all stages.

There are two types of invites -

  • Invite to the whole project -

    • Through the top right-most section

    • Through the small drop-down beside the project title

      Enter your partner or team member's email ID & hit Invite .

  • Invite to the meeting - Click on Approve button present on the top right corner of the screen β†’ Click Add Attendee & select a member from the workspace.

P.S. - The invited member will receive an email notification about the invite + if the user is invited to the workspace beforehand then will also receive a notification on the dashboard. 

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