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How to update or set up the workspace account? (Freelancer or Agency) πŸ’Ό
How to update or set up the workspace account? (Freelancer or Agency) πŸ’Ό

Learn more about setting up your workspace account

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The below article is for Freelancers or Agency!

Have you signed up for Yess? πŸ€” If not β†’ Request Access

If you have signed up, then you have probably completed the workspace setup process!

Workspace Settings βš™οΈ

You can access the workspace settings from the top left corner.

Click on the Workspace Settings β†’

What things can you do?

  • Workspace Profile - You can change your workspace profile by hovering on the profile & click Edit (#1 - In the above image)

  • Workspace Name - You can change your workspace name through the given field (#2 - In the above image)

  • Delete Workspace - You can delete your workspace. Note - You cannot undo this process (#3 - In the above image)

    ... Actually, Please don't do the last process! πŸ₯Ί

πŸ›‘ The workspace URL cannot be changed. This URL can only be edited during the onboarding set up!

Hoping that the above article helped you understand about workspace setting. Oh, did you see that we have a few more articles related to settings that might be helpful!

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